Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sammul Chan Furious Over Gay Rumors with Ron Ng

Caption: To avoid further rumors, Sammul Chan acknowledged that he has decreased going out with friends. Ella Koon said the gay rumors were nonsense, but seemed to make jabbed remarks at Sammul.

Filming "Survivor's Law 2" 《律政新人王2》together, there have been disagreement rumors between Sammul and Ella. One tabloid speculated that the reason Sammul and Ella did not get along was because both were fighting for Ron Ng Cheuk Hei's affections!

Sammul was furious over the recent gay allegations and exclaimed, "Should I commit suicide in order to prove my sexual orientation?!"

Currently filming in Beijing, Ron said that he did not believe that Sammul was gay, as they have "checked out" women together in the past. Thus Ron did not believe that Sammul fell for himself.

Sammul's sexual orientation has always been a puzzle. Appearing at a promotional event yesterday, Sammul expressed his anger over recent gay rumors. "The rumors are pure nonsense! They're a total joke!"

Sammul continued, "Earlier the magazine asked whether I was friends with Ron Ng. I found the questions to be suspicious and odd. Ron is my friend and colleague. Just because we are friends do not mean that we are dating!"

"There is no need for me to explain further! To avoid these kind of rumors, I have decreased my number of social outings with friends. They link me with both men and women in negative rumors! Do they wish me to be autistic?"

"The tabloid depend on Ella and my rumors to boost their sales. I congratulate them, but I reserve the right to sue them!"

Ella said, "I can not believe they created such ridiculous headlines! I don't know what to say, except to treat this as a big joke!" Regarding Sammul's anger over the gay rumors, Ella said, "Since this is not the truth, then he does not need to be so furious!"

Credits : JayneStars