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Twins Mission (2007), Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Wu Jing, Sammo Hung

Let's Steal Together is a HK$24m contemporary martial arts comedy that is basically about two artful thieves' hunt for treasure. The cast includes Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Wu Jing, Sammo Hung, Zhang Qian, Yuen Wah, Shek Sau, Steven Cheung, etc. Let's Steal Together is expected to be released in early 2007.

official sypnopsis (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)
The official synopsis for Twins Mission (previously titled Let's Steal Together), starring Twins, Sammo Hung and Wu Jing has been posted at the Emperor Media Group site. The action adventure film is currently in post production. Heres the detailed synopsis (beware of spoiler):

A dZi bead from Tibet was on its way to Hong Kong for an exhibition, but was stolen by a mysterious gang with a possible link to a long-lost cult, the Gemini Clan. The guardian of the dZi bead Lucky and his adopted son Hey tried to solicit the help of the head of the Clan, the Principal, to track down the bead.

Unwilling to come out of retirement, the Principal refused to get involved, but when Lucky was seriously wounded after another attack by the mysterious gang, the Principal reluctantly summoned the help of the Clan’s former members – twins.

SPOILER: In the meantime the suicide of an artifact dealer put the police hot on the heels of the Principal and his students. When Hey finally retrieved the bead, he mistakenly handed it to the Principal’s twin brother, the Boss, who was the master mind behind the theft in an attempt to take over a prime piece of property along the coast.

late July news:
(credits to news from late July)

It's the first time Kong Tao Hoi, an action director and production planner, works as a director. He was the one behind all sorts of sleight of hand card tricks that Chow Yun Fat did in God of Gamblers. This time around, he will devise not only a set of tough moves for The Twins, but also fresh, novel ways of pilfering.
Wu Jing plays dual roles, one of which is a martial arts exponent raised by a lama, while another a character who passed away due to cancer. Wu Jing says that he accepted the project because of Tsui Siu Ming, who has always been supportive of him, and that he holds Tsiu Siu Ming in respect. When being called by Tsui Siu Ming, and that his management thought that the movie was not bad, they decided to took up the offer. Wu Jing will exchange blows against Twins Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi. He believes that their fight scenes will turn out well as long as they can get used to each other's rhythm. He adds that while the martial arts scenes in Let's Steal Together are different from SPL, he will be facing quite a bit of challenging actions.
Jeffrey, the movie's promoter, says the production specifically had the script revised for Wu Jing, "Initially, there weren't too many action scenes for Tian Liang's role, but with martial artist Wu Jing's participation, we have to include more fight scenes, naturally. At the same time, Wu Jing will have romances with The Twins." Apart from Twins, Zhang Qian will have a relationship with Wu Jing. In the movie, she has a brother who is afflicted by cancer.
Because of the hot weather, with temperature going up to as high as 40ÂșC, many of the production crew are being struck by heatstroke. Gillian Chung has also caught a flu. However, due to tight schedule, she didn't even have time to visit the doctor. Gillian Chung says that she often feels a lack of oxygen upon knocking off and returning from the set. Meanwhile, Charlene Choi has sprained her waist. Despite The Twins' complaints of the difficulties, Wu Jing still praises them for their professionalism, while The Twins are full of admiration for this martial arts star.
Recently, Wu Jing suffered from appendicitis, gastritis and leukopenia, and has just discharged after 3 days' stay at the hospital. He explains that it might be due to the fact that he has to worked in the night often, and has had many action scenes to handle and has to suspend on wires, and coupled with the sweltering weather, he could hardly sleep and did not had much appetite, and thus, his health was aversely affected.
When shooting a scene, Gillian Chung was suspended on wires for 2 consecutive hours. Though she was feeling uncomfortable and even requested for a break and put her down, the director did not hear her and even commended that the certain kick she did was nicely executed, and asked her to do it again. She ended up doing it for 10 times. She let out a scream when eventually she released from the wires.
On July 24 night, filming took place at Guangzhou Changlong Night Safari. Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi were doing circus performances and had to tame the hippopotamus, monkeys, goats, monkeys, birds and tigers. In one scene, The Twins lead a pair of hippopotamuses into the ring. On each hippopotamus was a goat and a monkey. Due to some minor slips on The Twins' part and that it wasn't easy to coax the animals into cooperating, it took them 90 minutes just to film the 10-second scene.

taken from: Takungpo, The Beijing News, Beijing Times, Sina