Tuesday, May 22, 2007

35-year-old Sammi's lovely play Wan

Photo : Wang Wan Sammi's Halo Godot Godot

Sammi Cheng concert, the third night invited singer Wang Wan serve as a guest, Sammi statement is the first since Wan's see. But long heard the sounds, and learn from each other immediately high-decibel voice, the audience laugh out of a packed house laughing.

Sammi : Sammi also funniest asked Wang Wan's little, she embarrassed to say : "? Say it was you? "Sammi asked her if it is inconvenient? She says it is not. Sammi that said : "Normally, Zuo-off or on the fast three-year-old to be good Wuxiang stresses of their own age, But I like it Coaxial easier, the 35-year-old. "Then gave the audience clapped in applause.

Bold love
Sammi,Wan's time said that they had used different channels to Sammi "love" cut out of the audience applauded laughing. Sammi:Sammi said : "scaremongering out. You like me? - A4 paper Easy expense body type you? "Aster's say yes to each other's hair stylist, cosmeticians Sammi conveyed their favorite songs.

Sammi say : "Easy several Haoxia, to appreciate each other but two people to have direct knowledge of the system, people will never spoken a problem. "After two choirs," I asked, "Sammi also play Wan's voice, very cute.

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