Monday, May 21, 2007

Aimee Chan Admits to being a Good Kisser

The annual Mr Hong Kong Contest has started the application process and many men have been attracted to apply. TVB held a promotional event yesterday, supported by Mr Hong Kong winner Francois Huynh, former contestants Larry Chan and Rocky Cheng and Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui.

Although the weather was not very good yesterday, the men still braved it to perform their talent acts, including magic, singing and kung fu as they encouraged men to apply. Last year's winner Francois had planned to sing an Eason Chan song, but he brought the wrong music and ended up opting for a French song instead, inviting Aimee and Janet to be his backing singers. Francois indicates he has asked many friends to apply, but they are all worried about parading in swimwear. He thinks back to how awkward he felt, but he says he overcame it gradually and so he hopes to share his experiences with the contestants.

Aimee studied in Canada, so she knows how to speak French and she says that when she was at school, she had a French boyfriend. Talking of Frenchmen, she says they are very refined and gracious, like the men in Hong Kong. They are also famous for French kisses, so has she tried this? Aimee laughed innocently and said: "I don't know what one is, why don't you demonstrate? Kissing is all about how deep your feelings are for the other person. A friend of mine uses their tong to tie a cherry stalk into a knot as a way of training for kissing. It took me 30 seconds to do. (So you are an expert?) Haha, I am okay and have been complimented before." Asked if she has invited anyone to take part in Mr Hong Kong, she says that she had planned to ask her dad to take part because he is handsome and mature, but she thinks he will decline.

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