Monday, May 21, 2007

Andy arrived in Taiwan privately, His fans are super high

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Forever Lover Andy Lau arrived in Taiwan on the 20th night to shoot a music MV. Many fans were surprised & elated. Not only they waited patiently at the airport, they rented cars to trail his nanny car closely, till the hotel where he is staying, yelling 'Andy I Love U'.

At the entrance of the 5-star hotel, a big crowd gathered, when his anny car arrived, fans were excited to see truly was this forever lover of theirs .

Andy told his fans, “You may fall, take care!”

Though already 46, Andy is exceptionally good at maintaining his youthfulness. On seeing his fans squeezed themselves to the lobby because of him, he stopped his steps & chatted with them, indeed 100% caring to his fans.

Said, “Be careful not to knock yourselves, all of you go back first, don’t crowd around here, don’t let others see the ugly sight, ok? (OK!) (Bye-bye) ok!”

Andy has a packed schedule, he has no way of chatting with them for long, he talked as he walked, this made the mood of the fans exceptionally high.

Faans :: Hua Zai! (Sorry, excuse me ) HI!
Reporter :: What is he coming to Taiwan for?
Fans :: Work, the rest I don’t know.

Actually he had come to TW to shoot a MV, it is not an open activity, but his loyal fans got wind fast, when they know he is coming to TW, even after he had checked into the hotel they waited for him outside the hotel. Though he won’t be staying long, just a glimpse of him is already good enough.

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Andy arrived in Taiwan in a low-keyed manner last night. About 60 fans rented 8 Volkswagens to Tao Yuan airport to receive him. To avoid being injured by fans, the workers encircled him tightly, but this did
not stop the fans from coming forward to present him with gifts & take photo. He was smiling all the time, displaying his warmth to the fullest. At the hotel when he saw the reporters were waiting, he politely told his fans,

“Go back early, don’t wait here, it is not nice to see.”

At 6 pm last night, in black shades, & relaxed attire Andy came to Taiwan from Hong Kong. He has been in Dunhuang shooting Three Kingdoms, under the hot sun, not only his skin is tanned, he has lost some weight.

It was learnt that he has come to Taiwan to discuss his new Mandarin with his company, the fans had not seen
for a year or 2 after his last visit. He will also discuss his concert at the end of the year.

The incident of Yang Liqian is more than 2 months now, he has almost walked out of the gloomy days, time & again he posted pictures on his hooting, at the hotel he chatted with his fans.

The assistant helped him to carry gifts from the fans, when asked if he has anything to say to Yang, he replied, “At this moment not responding to this question.” After that he followed his assistant into the lift

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