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Andy Lau doesn't want Tony Leung in his movie "Brothers"

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The Five Tigers will reunite for a movie, minus Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Liang Chaowei). Andy Lau (Liu Dehua), 45, Felix Wong (Huang Rihua), 45, Miu Kiu Wai (Miao Qiaowei), 48, Ken Tong (Tang Zhenye), 48, and Leung, 44, go way back to their days as TVB station’s top actors in the 1980s.

Now Lau is planning a new triad film 'Brothers' or 'Xiong Di' in which he will star, along with all his old buddies except Leung.

Singer Eason Chan (Chen Yixun), 32, who is not one of the Tigers, will co-star in the HK$20mil (RM10mil) movie that will be filmed in Bangkok and Hong Kong, starting the end of this month.

The report said Leung caused a rift in 1985 when he backed out of the Tigers’ agreement to turn down TVB’s offer of new five-year contracts.

While the others left the station, he became TVB’s No.1 leading man, at the cost of his friendship with them.

He is also a loner. Although he appeared to be forgiven when he was included in the group’s 1991 reunion movie, ‘The Tigers’, he has seldom been known to socialize with the others.

Back in their TVB days, Lau and Leung were a popular pairing in the 1984 hit, ‘The Duke of Mount Deer’.

But after both made the jump to the big screen, they hardly appeared in the same movie until Media Asia boss Peter Lam got them to headline 2002 thriller ‘Infernal Affairs’.

Still, at Lau’s 100th concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2004, while Wong, Miu and Tong showed up with presents, Leung was nowhere to be seen.

Director Derek Chiu confirmed that Leung had not been considered for the new film.

“There are many reasons. Money is a problem. If you get Tony, you have to spend more money,” said Chiu.

Leung, one of Hong Kong’s highest-paid actors, is getting a reported US$1.5mil (RM5.17mil) to star in historical epic ‘Battle of Red Cliff’.

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