Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ATV and other Ho-Jun Create Miracles

ATV Taiwan yesterday to celebrate the first to a temporary small celebration later vigorously

ATV yesterday held a "50 anniversary and the 30-year Service Award" dinner, in addition to a public artistes present, ATV Chief Executive Chan Wing-kee, and a public administrative staff attended, the dinner, Mr Chan also performing a cake-cutting ceremony and toast. also to the artistes and representatives of the executive branch issued a "commemoration of the 50th anniversary of gold coins" to show the whole platform of one mind They also issued 10 staff "30-year long service award" in recognition of their efforts over the years.

Mr Chan : big talent

May 29 (yesterday) is Taiwan ATV day for celebration, but I saw at dinner and not have held celebrations. Mr Chan said they would vigorously Taiwan IP, but the delay should be held. He said : "I hope the new shareholders join together to celebrate before, ATV in July moved to the beginning of a new integrated plant in Tai Po. I also hope that the huge new plant within a gun amazing celebration, but the official date is not yet certain. The earliest that could be held in September. "As for whether the Ho-Jun took office in June? Chan Wing-kee, respect do not want to answer this question, because they apply for equity transactions that have not been approved by the government. However, we do not see any reason it is not approved, it is hoped that in a short period of time could be granted. For Ho-Jun, praising Mr Chan said : "He is a good talent, the TV industry is a young and vigorous senior workers. in the entire television industry to create a successful side, is a big talent. Ho-Jun, before taking office, it will not affect plans? ) No matter what we gave up. are actively moving to the new plant in July, the bridge is expected to be in August, when the new shareholders after the entry of large amounts of money into more, for the development of digital television and drama. (Would it be for a big shake? ) Not to use the shake-up that word, there are new people to join it. 」"

Both the booths He welcomes Taiwan IP

Moreover, Yan Ting yesterday Both the skirt to appear, she said with a smile because of the hot weather. Although she and ATV's contract has not been properly dumping, but will be a first in Shanghai filming a mainland production Fashion love movies, with the same company manager Chen Jian Feng cooperation. Said the other side is very easy to fall, she heard a surprise : "I do not! I believe we should not and will not be summoned because he is older to take care of me. "

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