Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bosco Wong Farah do not pick lovers Bosco Wong trafficking golf

Bosco Wong trafficking golf

"Wireless" series "runny Storm" will be broadcast five nights this week, ending yesterday at the outdoor special chapter ending celebration, and Apart from the actor Li Division game, Xia Yu, Kwan Ju and Yang Yi, Bosco Wong (Bosco) and Jia-Xin Zhong attended, "Wireless" Drama Division Deputy Director Li-chen had also attended, in response to the request and a public commitment to the "pond" has the same as the picture again a new productions. threatened that all actors "one less."

"Pond" more drama broadcast more heat last week, the average ratings for 35 points, the highest ratings for last Thursday, 40 points the number of viewers watching for more than 2.5 million people. Public performers yesterday except for champagne to celebrate, but also forecast performance ratings this week, we all expected audience of over 48. For the audience rose steadily, Yang Yi and Chung Jia-Xin said happily. Yang Yi has decided, together with Bosco Please eat buffets, and Zhong Lin Feng Jia-Xin were invited to sing together with K. Zhenjie commitment for the use of the same as the picture again a show, but one comes, they are unanimous : "The best! "

Viewership increased Yang Yijiaxin happy

During the meeting Zhenjie Bosco also wished success was his starring drama "Strong sword" in Thailand have shown good ratings, Bosco tomorrow with Zhengjiaying publicity and Thailand were Thai theme song. Bosco said : "This should be done within three days, in 20 visits, with more than 10 to 20 sets of the past. Fortunately, the sponsors are happy. "For the use of the" pond "has the same as the picture again a show, Bosco said :" I think the picture again. continue to shoot with the best food-related topics. But Are with Yang Yi is a good speech bore!), So the next best to a big pocket chaos, Eliminate distribution Chen Farah, I tell relations Ju. Why do you not pick Farah? ) We came across the sex scandal, then it would be good nausea, switch to the best, Even with the cooperation Jia-Xin Zhong OK. 」"

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