Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cai Yan sexy double-Kotani busy kissing

Cai-kissed Kotani, has yet to flesh

Lee Choi-wah, Dong Min, Gu Hao-Ren Huang Jie Lin and Qi attended the night before, such as the film "single tribe" Gala Premiere the meeting was arranged everyone playing kissing games, to play with the theme. Finally Cai Li and Gu Jie Lin China, and Dong Min-Ho-In Wong divided into two groups, separated by paper Tsui on preservation. Last night Mr Choi Gu Jie Lin and China have emerged as sexy dress, wearing a big Kotani Loubeizhuang, also Both the front. A Rain shots were wearing skirts.

Exposed underwear

Kotani chest zipper stretched very low, even underwear have seen. But she has denied deliberately break the sexy, mainly with the movie role. But the night before the premiere in Mong Kok, she is not afraid of being "quarrelsome"? She was disappointed by the absence of "provoking", she said they had incurred a good adhesive, not worry that sneaked away.

Foreigner strike up a conversation

A Rain's a regular night of the Lan Kwai Fong Po of the Central OL, before the boss and Xiao Ming Lin Lan Kwai Fong to some understanding. She said there was a foreign man approached encountered by and indicated he would play a one-night stand with her, she would die, she was scared to death and left immediately. But really touch, she must report. In fact, she rarely night Po peacetime, rarely drunk. Suzuki Hui mentioned in nightclubs were injured, A Rain have cooperated with each other. She feels that the other is a gentle photographs, and they all want to comfort him, but not his telephone. She asked if opponents like Suzuki-like photographs, she sees a one-night stand? She said with a smile photographs will not be accepted unless it is truly boyfriend.

Min-shouting panic

Dong Min-night and Mummy Qi attended the premiere, the play she's bisexual, is afraid Mummy will be intimidated. And the movie field with a bed AN Yachen play each other kissing each other feel chest. She admits shooting good embarrassment, especially with its crystal AN Yachen fingernails patted her chest. feeling seems to be "Potentilla kleiniana Jinlong" clasped. Her own body compared with each other, as if the girl. She asked whether his homosexuality afraid this role will become markers? Dong Min-not too worried about. Previously to have had a lesbian love her, but she refused, we are still good friends.

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