Monday, May 28, 2007

Deng Ying-chi birthday party at the beach

Deng Ying Chi sexy dress to celebrate the birthday

Deng Ying Zhi on the 22nd birthday of her friend was in the night before to celebrate the longevity of women, In her opening bars friends held "very Secretary beach parties." In the circle of good personal relationship Ying-chi, the night invited a number of friends to attend the circle, Wu statement, Guo exercise, Hao is high, Eddie add the other.

10:30 parties, but the woman was celebrating his birthday at 12:00 appear, a group of friends have already arrived at the ready, Wu make it first appeared. A Yan disclosed sent big cake while also sent her a package, but refused to disclose the amount. She acknowledged the gifts is a rather complicated matter, simply send cash, she likes to buy things. Since that night beach parties claimed to be, why not put on a swimsuit? A Yan refused to smile, but this desire was to let her look Juandaban destinations, said with a smile : "I think the most time of white swim trunks. Ha ha. "

Deng Ying-chi said that the Albanian and Yan Liang Jing Qi has held pajamas and uniforms parties, coinciding with the hot weather, came up with the beach party. She said excitedly, have prepared a water gun and a towel and intended to earthshaking a water battle. On the most unwanted birthday gift, she admits to finding a boyfriend, they do not have the money, the most important thing is like to join her and her love tin.

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