Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fann Wong to Bare Her Back in Jack Neo's New Movie

After starring in director Jack Neo’s movie ‘Just Follow Law’ earlier this year, Fann Wong will be starring in his new movie. It's tentatively entitled ‘AhLong Yao Da Bian’ (loosely translated as ‘A Big Change for Loansharks’ in Mandarin).

According to Jack, the actress will take on the role of a triad leader, complete with tattoos, scars and violent fight scenes. The movie's producer, Mr Yuan Zai Xian, also said that there are plans for Fann to appear bare-backed in the movie. He said: 'We are adding the bare-back scenes to display her character's tattoos. They are meant to enhance the movie's visual (appeal).'

If Fann is hesitant about her latest makeover, she hasn't raised the alarm yet. Mr Yuan said: 'Fann didn't reject our idea immediately. She needs to understand more about what she needs to do... It's not a definite no.'

Fann will spend about a month in Kuala Lumpur working on the new film. Mark Lee will play her husband.

Fans of the actress siad they are pleased with her new role. But while Fann may have her fans' support in her choice of roles, there are worries that she might be too distracted by fellow actor and boyfriend Christopher Lee's jail sentence to focus on her career.

He was fined and sentenced to four weeks in jail for drink driving and hit-and-run charges. He is apparently appealing against the sentence.

Jack, however, is confident that Fann will not let her personal life interfere with the production.

The 47-year-old director said: 'She won't let it affect her work. She is very professional.'

In fact, Jack has other problems to contend with. There has been controversy over the film's title because in Mandarin, the title loosely sounds like ‘Loansharks Want To Defecate’.

In an entry on his blog, Jack wrote that his boss had concerns about the title. Many readers then left comments on his blog supporting the film's title.

Jack wrote on his blog: 'I can... tell my boss that this title is backed by popular demand... I hope you guys don't think that my style is vulgar.

'It's so that audiences can remember it easily and they don't have to rack their brains and will be able to say the title with their eyes closed.'

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