Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Foreign entertainment Alert

U.S. Shaba Kingston became ill hospitalized

With drama "The O.C. "Who are rising stars - U.S. Shaba Kingston (Mischa Barton), A few days ago, as drug reaction was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital.

Terms of a person in a week means that the United States in recent months Elizabeth wandered in Cannes, London, Paris and other places. During the weekend she was taking antibiotics and bronchitis, and then another right on drinking, Does alcohol make adverse drug reactions, she returned to the United States, and that is admitted for treatment.

"Demons stolen King" set box office records

By Joe terbutaline (Johnny Depp) the film "Pirates of the Caribbean : Demon bootlegging Wang ultimate war "(Pirates of the Caribbean At World 's E nd), the last American soldier killed Day long weekend, 142.1 million U.S. dollars in box office Champion board, The results also set a record soldiers killed Day long weekend premiere of the new movie box office records.

The original record from "special varieties : bipolar hegemony" (X-Men : The Last Stand) 06 created when the box office to 122.9 million U.S. dollars.

Next to the "magic of bootlegging Wang ultimate war" ranked second after the "History of plus Easy on the III" (the Shrek T hird). As for the long exhibition of the "Spider-man 3" (Spiderman 3), Last weekend still 18 million U.S. dollars at the box office ranks third in the list, so far, film in the North American region cumulative box office to 307.6 million U.S. dollars.

Eli Binna publicity new plays

"Munich" (Munich) Nanxing Eli Binna (Eric Bana) yesterday in conjunction with the director Richard if Szu-Po (Richard Roxburgh) in Sydney Theater held a press conference, for the upcoming launch of the new movie "Romulus, My Father" propaganda.

Film director Richard certainly will be open tomorrow in Australia paintings. A documentary about post-war migrants to Australia family's story, with the family as the spindle, Tablets in which Eli played a harsh father.

Police世界巡唱揭幕Police patrol the world to sing the opening

Rock-studded "Police" the day before opening show in Vancouver for their world concert tour opened.

This is the reorganization of the band's first major task for, the audience is looking forward, and a performance by members of the public also do not disappoint. 當主音Sting唱出一首首早年樂隊的經典歌,令台下的觀眾為之癡醉。

NBAEva Air hailed NBA boyfriend

"Liang too," Long Song heliya Eva (Eva Longoria) is about to NBA stars and East Nibaijia (Tony Parker) marriage. The day before yesterday, she is in the basketball court in Salt Lake City, watching her husband owned the San Antonio Spurs team and the Utah Jazz in the game She is very devoted to the entire process that should be one of the NBA "fans."

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