Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hanxing Cannes is a breakthrough / Deconstruction tided Yan Arch Road

"60th Cannes Film Festival" in France, the official closing time on the 27th. The exhibitors this year who were two Korean films, directed by Kim Ki-Duk for "breathe" and directed by Lee Chang-dong's Movies "Miyang". "Miyang" South Korea is more capable actress tided Yan won acting awards. She became the first in the history of the Cannes awards won protagonists, the Korean actress, and the following appeared as the second after winning the Asian star. While the degree Yan noted prize, the heart is very exciting. First she was in power in French greetings to the guests and said he never thought of it in Aspen.

Mr Song, make all manner of interpretation Yan degree that this year's Cannes Film Festival, excellent work and excellent performance of the actresses more, so their impact can be won after winning very surprised. She also said that the reason for their award-winning director Lee Chang-dong's Movies and Song Kang Ho serves. Thereafter, the entire Yan degrees in the platform more special thanks to Song, and if he does so, she played the role will not be perfect. Sitting in the public gallery listening to the Song, her reflections, specifically from the seats to get out waving tribute to her, won the audience responded with warm applause. South Korea this time of glory tided Yan, has long been renowned strongman actor. Origin of her advertising agency, in the 1994 shooting first TV drama "Our Heaven." Until 1997, she first set foot screen, is the star with Han Shi Gui, starring "sad corner of Lovers." She said the film won the Blue Dragon Film Award and Bell Award and other prizes for the best film newcomers.

On the direction of vertical strength to win volatile Korean film industry think that all degrees Yan most rare is the place her professionalism, As long as the role, never mind of her makeup or ugly naked. The most special is that this was the game Lu Yan little duplication, each can bring to the audience a new experience. Early on, "the organ of memory" of the innocent village girl students, "Kuailedaosi" Clandestine Affair husband back as a strong woman. "Taoqing Kam-Po," the woman poet, or even the year before last, "you are my destiny" of the AIDS prostitutes, tided Yan can live his roles, she became major movie awards ceremony of the ropes and has four degrees as Qinglong video, three clock Film Award and the Republic of Korea were the three big tours Film Best Actress Award. Yan was all this at the Cannes Aspen, the film company of "Miyang" more confidence in the box office, Korean cinema is expected in May 1955 patch.

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