Monday, May 14, 2007

"Heart of Greed" Mothers Day Event - Lee Si Kei is Touched by Daughter's Gift

"Heart of Greed" Mothers Day Event - Lee Si Kei is Touched by Daughter's Gift

The two mothers from "Heart of Greed" 'dai kai' Lee Si Kei and 'sai kai' Susanna Kwan took part in a Mothers Day event at Olympian City yesterday, attracting crowds of around 500 people to watch. Si Kei supported Susanna's character and hopes that everyone will understand that it is just acting and not to hold it against her.

Susanna and Si Kei then joined in a duet of the song 'Selling Dumplings' as a gift to all the mothers present and after this song, Si Kei indicated that the song reminded her about her own mother, who was very clever at making dumplings. Susanna praised Si Kei for her singing and suggested they can do a stage appearance together in the future. They then joined in some games with the audience as they invited people on stage to act out their characters from the show.

The organisers also arranged for a special message from Si Kei's daughter Yip Chi Ching to be aired and Chi Ching indicated that for her mother to forgive her is the greatest thing in the world. She said that when she was young, she did not know how to appreciate her mother's love, so she is very happy to have her mother back once again. She added the words: "Happy Mother's Day, Mummy!" When Si Kei watched this, she was moved to tears.

Si Kei says that hearing her daughters words made her think of her own mother because this is the first year that she has not been able to spend Mothers Day with her. Talking of the seven years that she lost contact with her daughter, she explains that her divorce affected their relationship, but fortunately her daughter understands now. She had planned to live with her daughter after she retired, but her earlier problem with her legs changed her mind because she does not want to put pressure on her daughter. She says that her daughter often gives her crystal ornaments and feels that as a mother, the thing she would most like is to speak with her children on the phone more. She says that each time she hears her daughter's voice, she finds it is beautiful. When her friends say her daughter's voice is very like hers, it makes her very happy. Si Kei also indicates that her daughter sends her SMS messages to tell her "Heart of Greed" is very popular in Canada.

As for the rumours of animoscity between her and Susanna, Si Kei says that they are 'driving her mad', but she will just treat it as promotion for the show. She says that she has known Susanna for 30 years and they will not be affected by these reports. She laughs that they will hold hands in the future, but then they might be labelled as being homosexual! Susanna just treats the reports as a joke because she understands that they only write this because the show is a hit and she will see it as promotion.


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