Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Horikita St. formation geopolitical drama

Horikita really at the new Greek recent album "Horikita really love Greek IN Sunday" campaign.

Horikita love UN

She albums filming of the movie "Love Sunday" shooting, she reveals that her first love in kindergarten, favorite choice is a top athletes. But asked about the recent love affair, she said she likes a person, when they go out are often UN, and the conditions for her boyfriend is gentle enough to.

In addition, she should new productions "In the Mood for teenage girls," disguised as a man, should hair cut, she also expressed his expectations.

St. son two years did not Boju

Drama about Horikita for tracking and mixing with men and Boys School, 467000, St. son will play in his principals 3.10. Son of the last performances of drama, was already two years ago of short works "wonderful story of the world"; In fact, She had not performed a long time serials, she said she would strive to my good role.

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