Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jiro Wang and Tang Yu Zhe are a "Match" for Each Other
translations by xbunnylicious

Jiro Wang and Tang Yu Zhe will buy "couple outfits" and same-styled accessories. Whenever they go shopping, they will have the same taste. Yesterday Jiro said happily, "Yes. It looks like our relationship is really good. We are a match." Jiro admits that if they see something they both like, he will rush to get it first. Then he would try it on and stretch it out so it won't fit Yu Zhe.

If they see clothes they like, they will buy different colors. They also exchange accessories with each other. But what will happen if they like the same girl one day? Jiro thinks for a moment and said, "Yes, I never thought about this problem. There could be a possibility because when we're on the street, we both catch sight of the same girl and say 'how cute'!"

Jiro also emphasizes that he is the type that pays attention to someone's personality more. "It's about feeling, not all about the looks." Therefore they probably won't fight for the same girl.

Three days ago Jiro was at the New Year's Countdown concert and on New Years he was filming "Zhong Ji Yi Jia (終極一家)". Jiro and Yu Zhe act as siblings in Zhong Ji Yi Jia, but they don't even look alike. Once Jiro heard this, he said, "Not alike? We are both handsome men. I'm just a bit 'rougher'!"

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