Thursday, May 17, 2007

Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin Play Kissing in Guam

Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin Play Kissing in Guam

Translated by: stephanieshieh
Source: World Journal

How can there be no kissing in "It Started with a Kiss"?! The big drama "It Started with a Kiss" went to Guam to shoot a few episodes, Joe Cheng put his arms around his "wifey" Ariel Lin and jokingly desparingly complained: "Coming to Guam for the honeymoon for six days already, but there's no kissing." The director, Ju Yuning, looked at them and laughed: "Tomorrow in the morning, will prepare them to watch the sunrise on the balcony, Ze Shu will kiss Nan Qing, from the ear to the neck to the collar bone, definitely will make people's face red and heart beat faster."

"It Started with a Kiss" was last years' record holder for highest viewing, Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin have also been called the cutest couple, and they're doing the honeymoon scene in Guam, not only are they very compatiable onscreen, privately they are even more like a newlywed couple - sweetly calling each other "hubby" and "wifey".

Joe Cheng revealed that every female lead he's worked with, Joe's dad will see it as a future daughter-in-law, and hurry him to find a girlfriend. But Ariel's mom already had a different boy in mind for future son-in-law, China's biggest start Huang Xiao Ming. Ariel, face red, said that lately her friends and family have been busily helping her look for a boyfriend, but her mom has been fixed on Huang Xiao Ming, telling her to hurry up and collaborate with him.

As for Joe Cheng who reportedly isn't super attached to her, Ariel clarifies for her "hubby": "He just doesn't know how to express [his feelings]." She says, in real life, she thinks boys who aren't super attached to their girlfriends are the best.

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