Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miss Hong Kong Early Favourites Ousted

Credits : TVBSpace

The 24 contestants for this years Miss Hong Kong contest took part in a special interview show earlier where the final 12 contestants were selected by a special panel of judges. Early favourites including the 'Gillian Chung Lookalike ' were eliminated.

The girls appeared in their own outfits and make up to take part in the event and wee subjected to the scrutiny of judges including Shirley Yeung, Tracy Ip, Joe Ma, William Tang and Lee Shing Chak and took part in events including a talent contest and question and answer in swimwear. Early favourite 'Gillian Chung Lookalike' Wong Ka Sin dressed in a youthful outfit and she seemed to win over the male judges showing her confidence in her beauty and height. However, the former Miss Hong Kong winners who were the female judges felt that she lost out due to her lack of height and 'unfriendly' attitude, which did not tie in with the Miss Hong Kong image. Cheung Wai Yee appeared in a sexy outfit, but the comments emerged that she she overdid the sexiness by doing a belly dance for the judges and with some rather raunchy photographs emerging of her, there were concerns about this affecting the image of the pageant.

Other early favourites including 'Gigi Lai Lookalike' Ho Ngo Yee, 'Ting Ting Lookalike' Wong Kwan Hung and 'Fala Chen Lookalike' Wong Wai Lam all gave excellent performances, impressed the judges and sailed through to the final. Asked for their selection criteria, Tracy indicated that she was looking for beauty and eloquence, Shirley says that she was looking for external and internal beauty, whilst Joe says that he was looking for a unique quality in his girls. After the event, they organised transport for the girls and Wong Ka Sin and Cheung Wai Yee left together. Wong went onto Mongkok to meet up with her 'Mini Mark Lui' boyfriend after dropping Cheung off.

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