Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Music King + Queen' : Leo Ku and Joey Yung
translated by dee-lush

'Music King + Queen' : Leo Ku and Joey Yung

The annual 'Music King' award ceremony will be held on Sunday. This year, beating their opponents Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku and Joey Yung will be taking home the 'Music King, Queen' award. Leon Lai, on the other hand, will be awarded the 'Music King of Kings' award!

The '4th Annual Music King End of the Year Award Ceremony' will be held at Jiangmen Sports Stadium on Sunday. It has been reported that Leon Lai will be taking home the biggest award of the night - the 'Music King of Kings' award. But it is unknown if Leon will be attending the award ceremony because he will be working in Mainland the day before.

Joey Yung will not only be taking home the 'Music Queen' crown as she has beaten her opponent Miriam Yeung to win 'Favourite Female Singer Award (HK Region)', 'Best Selling Album Award' and a 'Gold Song Award' for her song '心花怒放'.

As for Leo, he will reclaim his throne as 'Music King' from Eason Chan and return home with a lot more awards. His company, Gold Label, did not do well at this award ceremony last year, will hit back with many names on the winners list. Leo will not only be taking home the 'Music King Award' but also two big awards for his song 'Love Too Late' (愛得太遲) - 'Gold Song Award' and 'Music King Supreme Gold Song Award'. Justin Lo and Kary Ng have also bagged themselves awards and although the rumoured couple, Stephy Tang and Alex Fong will not be attending the award ceremony, they have won an award for their duet '十分愛'.

EEG will have a great sweep of awards, as they will be taking 13 awards. Nicholas Tse, who will soon become a father, will be awarded the 'Favourite Male Singer Award (HK Region)', 'Media Big Award (Male Singer)' and 'Best Album Award'. Twins are not at least worse off as they are recipients of 3 awards - 'Favourite Group Award', 'Media Big Award (Group)' and a Mandarin Gold Song award for 'Around the World with Eighty Dollars' (80塊環遊世界).

Music label, East Asia's Denise Ho is the winner of a Gold Music Award for her song '光明會', 'Best Advertisement Award' and 'Best Stage Production Performance Award' while her colleague, Stephanie Cheng has her name on two awards.

On the other hand, Warner's Fiona Sit, Khalil Fong, Zarahn, Song BMG's Rainie Yang, Harlem Yu and WOW's Candy Lo and Louis Cheng are recipients of an award each.

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