Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nancy Wu Accidentally Unbuckles Vivien Yeo's Dress

Nancy Wu Accidentally Unbuckles Vivien Yeo's Dress

A group of TVB artistes attended the Swiss Watch Expo at the Miramar Hotel earlier and Joel Chan, Stephen Huynh, Francois Huynh, Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk and Charmaine Li gave a fashion show on the catwalk. However, the show was stolen somewhat by guests Vivien Yeo and Nancy Wu, who were dressed in sexy revealing dresses and when they appeared to be having too much fun, Nancy accidentally unbuckled Vivien's dress, leaving them a little embarrassed as Nancy had to put it back together again.

Vivien's dress was the sexiest at the event, wearing a hot red backless dress. Nancy complimented her for having a very smooth and beautiful back and joked that everyone just wants to stroke it. However, just as she did this and made the gesture, there was a snapping noise and Vivien's dress came apart. The reporters all surged to take photographs and Nancy had to act quickly to re-buckle it to avoid revealing too much. It was all quite embarrassing and the girls rushed off to the washrooms to fix things.

Afterwards, Vivien joked that she was angry with Nancy for not giving her a lift and then undoing her dress, but laughed that fortunately her neckstrap was very secure. Asked if she was not wearing a bra, she smiles that she is not that brave and she is wearing a nude bra, so she was glad that they didn't fall out when her strap was undone. she says that she has longed to wear this dress for a long time as she bought it for a special evening occasion.

Nancy continued to say that her friend's back is beautiful and she never imagined that she would undo the buckle. Asked if Vivien was angry with her, she laughs: "Of course not, I am putting her onto C1 [entertainment headlines], so why would she be angry." The two said that they had planned to go on vacation to Thailand earlier, but as Nancy was busy, they did not go and Vivien will be going with her family instead. She hopes to come back with a healthy tan, because she cannot do this in Hong Kong as she is afraid of people watching her. Asked if she will sunbathe naked, she smiles that she will consider this on her back, but she will just go on the sunbed for the front.

With the new batch of Miss Hong Kong auditions being held at the moment, Tracy reveals that three of her modelling friends will be taking part. As for a Mr Tse who has been claiming to have been her nominator and urging other girls to take part, Tracy clarifies that she was nominated by her father and she does not know this Mr Tse at all.


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