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Truth or Dare - Maggie Shiu

In the game “Truth or Dare”, when you get the shot, the options are either saying the truth or taking the challenge. Both are risky. The decision is yours.

Entertainment business is similar to the game. Maggie Shiu knows it.

Having gone through romances, heavy sickness, separations… Sometimes, the truth is riskier.

Therefore, in this interview promoting the movie “Gong Tau – An Oriental Black Magic”, the first after 8 years, although Maggie was friendly and cooperative, she did not care much for details of photos and content.

“Unlike in the past, now I never review any media articles about myself, because I won’t say the truth.” Maggie Shiu, 42, said sincerely and seriously.

I Am Happy

While researching about Maggie, imagining myself in her up and low during these years, suddenly my heart was down.

Movies reflect reality. But real life is often more winding. That is the reason people love movies, and even more, gossips. They care much about Maggie’s love life; feel pity for her. They express it through articles on the internet, such as one titled “Maggie Shiu, where is your happiness?”

“I don’t need you to care for me. I don’t even know you. Mind your own business”, Maggie said with happy expression on her face. “I am happy. Really. How do I make myself happy? I learn it from friends in these recent years. If you face problems with happy attitude, you will be happy.”

I asked her to give me an example. She never did.

Actually Maggie frequently mentioned about happiness in interviews during the year 1992 – 1999. For instance: “Ekin Cheng likes short-hair girl friend. I cut my hair short as birthday present for him”; or “In the past I don’t believe in eternity. Now I do”; or “He won’t find any girl friend better than me”.

“Did I really say those words?”… after seconds thinking, Maggie did not deny anymore, “Then, I was young… and silly.”

Earning Money

After being in troubles, some people say truth no more; some choose the other way, such as selling it on tv.

“I don’t have time to watch (local) tv nor anime. I am too busy working for living. Even if I have time, I would rather watch Takuya Kimura’s new drama ‘Beautiful Life’ “, Maggie said.

That’s true. After filming “Gong Tau” and attending the following promotion events, at the same time Maggie is filming Jonathan Chik’s 80 episodes drama “The Gem of Life”. After being single, Maggie never takes rest: movies, tv dramas, spoke person for slimming products. Last year she started investing in beauty business.

“I do not have talent in business. When I have time, I will go to office to learn more from my partner. At least I can answer questions about the products, and do not creating troubles for partner.”

In the past Maggie suffered from liver problem and pneumonia. She took one full year for recovery. At that time, she had person to take care of her. Today, no matter how busy or tired, she won’t stop, never thought of retired. She said, “I have not earned enough money, so I won’t stop. My health is OK. I have enough rest as much as possible among works. I know how to take care of myself.”

Need No Recognition

Maggie Shiu not only have no time for tv programs, she also does not care much about Sean Lau winning the Best Actor award. Even when she was nominated three times for , , and , she never attended once.

“I don’t care much for awards; don’t need recognition for my acting skill. I am an easy person. I entered the entertainment business unintentionally. Now I want to earn money for living, to take care of myself and my dog. I won’t be picky on any job offers.”

Maggie said ‘acting’ is her refuge shelter. I said ‘acting’ is her suffer shelter. She took roles too much older for herself, or pitiful characters. In new movies “Gong Tau”, her character is cursed, live in horror and tears. Seems like movie directors and audience think she excel for this kind of characters.

“I am just following the script and directors. I don’t have to experience them in real life. As long as you, audience, buy it, it means I still have opportunities.”

Epilog: Let Go

On the interview day, meeting the chic and dressed-to-kill Maggie, I couldn’t stop admiring her. She is still as beautiful as in her “Looking Back in Anger” day. Not only beautiful, through her smile and expression, she also looks happy and confident. Aside that broken heart chapter from Maggie Shiu’s file, this 42 years old beautiful has much potential, not only for the role of pitiful characters.

It is us, the media and audience, who can not let go of Ekin Cheng; not Maggie Shiu. Maybe we should believe what Maggie told us: now she is happy.


(translated by shaw; original translation ; chinese article )

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