Sunday, May 13, 2007

TVB to Promote 10 Newcomer Actresses
translated by dee-lush

TVB to Promote 10 Newcomer Actresses

Facing competition from ATV and pay television, TVB's high executive Virginia Lok has decided to hire an image company to repackage up to 10 young female newcomer actresses, hoping to spark interest amongst viewers and to find a future fandan. It has been reported that the 10 newcomer actresses include Suki Chui, Leanne Li, Selina Li, Tracy Ip and Vivien Yeo. Suki has also been seen most likely to succeed due to her stunning package of a 34C body and a sweet voice - the ultimate mix of 'lovely goddess' Gigi Lai and 'sweet talker' Charmaine Sheh.

Regarding such reports, Suki commented, "I'm really happy! My image isn't really too clean so it would be great to take up Gigi's path. I like her, she has beautiful skin and is very nice!"

As for Virginia Lok, she has not denied or verified the reports but has stated that her company will take great planning for the promotion of new stars. Regarding Charmaine Sheh rumoured to being payed a large fee to join ATV, Ms. Lok commented, "I will not answer hypothetical."

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