Monday, May 28, 2007

Wen Yong woman's sexual drama intimidated Mr Michael Tse

Cam female (right) and Mr Michael Tse (second from left), "a four" propaganda new productions

To publicize the new productions as "useful Corps," a group of actors play Sheren Tang, business days Shange, Mr Michael Tse, Ma Guoming, Twining, Mr Farah at shopping malls to promote, Wen women into battle even more ill. A scene for the games, the final Group E Xu won a "good model family to the throne," Exu more repetition game scene, Koala whole person as Lanzhaoaiwei, laugh out of the scene Interesting.

Ill true publicity

Wen said the woman influenza virus recent tracheotomy, doctors have read, but have not yet healed, and sound the same line as the buffaloes. Just after the release, and the ratings high, she asked to have confidence in the 6.7 billion? She was referring to this week's climax of the plot will go, she began to doubt her husband Mr Michael Tse Yi service free, would leave no stone unturned for his treatment, have accused the opera is a bold themes involving sex couples live footage She thinks that this is just a normal part of life, but also feel that the plot for shock, the shooting days - constantly asked "in a ritual" More Easy said had the shock-man woman was bulbs hair because she is Ambassador of Love. She also pointed out that today's woman is usually life into Finally, in fact, the opera is to remind everyone should pay attention to life in the mountains. She noted that the past will focus on fun with her boyfriend, but now there are believers can not premarital sex marriage if it must, Children had to more said with a smile.

Cam got to be women with brown

Asked the day-to-day life shooting footage, is not frightened Green? He said with a laugh : "I got Cam woman with brown, have not tried before filming photographed with brown. "Asked what the plot is? He refuses to say how to treat women Cam him, but only said that they have been intimidated, but has also wonder whether out to the streets, Wen said that women can and producers out to the streets, he would go shooting. In addition, he asked glasses with the middle finger fragment audiences were complaints, he would have expected so the minute movements, the audience will be noticed.

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