Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anzi year Lounge singing experienced bitterness

Photo : Anzai experienced a bitter learned treasure

Andy Hui yesterday to a radio interview, during which he talked about for many years to join the bitterness of history. Anzi was recalled Lounge singing days, when he received only a few hundred dollars for the job, singing songs foot nine, Vulgarity who had been cruelly treated with respect, the bar intoxicated men while more experienced.

Anzi said before is very hard to make money, a Christmas, Valentine's first love was originally agreed at the hotel for dinner to celebrate, This is the singer because of the golden business opportunities to make money, the same day he Lianbo three, the last 2,000 million, But then slips into a tired girlfriend hours, he was guilty, he will earn the reward all doom. Since these experienced bitter history, Anzai Institute treasure, but also his training to the table what unexpected things is not afraid.

Anzi I remember a work in the Mainland, in a hotel overnight, and at night a woman had received a telephone asked him : "President should not? "Anzai curiosity, they said, then immediately turn off the lights, when people on the doorstep when the bell, He looked through the security door eyes watch from the other side of the face. Anzi asked why not invite the other side into the room, he said with a smile that he is to make money, not to spend money.

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