Friday, June 22, 2007

Chenguanxi criticized King uncollected attorney's letter

Photo : Chenguanxi attended the opening ceremony and history is on the rise for kids

Cartoon "history is on the rise 3 Easy on the III" last night at the opening ceremony, who dubbed the Leon Lai, Chen Guanxi (Edison), along with the director Xu Cheng Yi attended. Edison for this movie Arthur Prince 3.10 dubbing, he said he spent only a day and a half we were good, He really think Cantonese pronunciation is very difficult, therefore, the United States Disney have sent representatives to oversee the recording process. Edison originally in the United States have seen the film and asked him to buy things to watch movies, go out to be? He said with a smile are watching in front of the big screen, but he will feel good to see this movie.

They earn enough money before marriage plans

Edison in Taiwan earlier indiscretion 1:00 criticism monarch, the King has expressed lawyers to send letters. In this regard, Edison said that it had not received, or the manager admitted. He also may clarify the ability to express themselves would cause misunderstanding, he stressed that he has absolute respect for the Emperor Entertainment, respect for Emperor Entertainment, hope people will understand the matter has come to an end, nor to pursue. His girlfriend with the help of explanation? He noted that the matter has nothing to with his girlfriend, who was with the misunderstanding between Cottonwood.

Chen Guanxi (Edison) has launched three years without Mandarin album, this album the song "I still remember? "Referred to the lyrics" You are curious about the past three years, the Greek crown in the end have gone. Q I would rather let King tell you, are usually stay in the singer weep, chose to dodge, I did not give up ... "implying that he had been King's frozen past.

Although Edison has been to create an image of the music, but after all, he's "beauty" often buried his achievements. He said : "The truth is those who know me would not describe the photographs of me, I would say the majority of bad temper, diligent or loyalty, and so on. "He said to be ugly like South Korea facelift, but the heart is not modified, he more attention to heart. He will be asked to accept advertising facelift? Edison said that he could not accept, but did not forget to add : "I would not want my girlfriend outside the woman. "Edison had earlier said they earn enough money to get married will be married his girlfriend, He corrected said : "Oh hope for setting up, I hope, but there is no time limit Earlier we may have misunderstood what I say, I mean 『they earn enough cash to start the planning only after marriage, 『not they earn enough cash to marry. Today, it has half the number of earned less hope that the reuse half years to achieve its objectives. "

Yuancaiyun denied boyfriend overnight

Yuancaiyun recently with the restaurant industry outsiders boyfriend Anthony casual dating a few months, referring to her boyfriend in her home overnight. Choi Wan said her boyfriend was sent to their home courtesy of her family members to live with her boyfriend often work in the field, she does not worry about? She said with a smile should be afraid of catching her boyfriend she is not tight in peacetime, she and her boyfriend had telephone contact with video. Chen Jian-feng also attended the night before, the reference to "Recruit a more" ratings decline, he believes it is because the early part of the plot, I believe later entered the tense circumstances, and the ratings will go up. Rumor has it because Daodaiyu Guoxianni with the scandal, dragging down the ratings, he did not deny the problem too difficult to answer. He felt that all of this has been a lot of drama, we also want to have good ratings.

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