Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chiu Wen do not believe Jieren schadenfreude

Map; Emperor Wen and Li Yi Long female skin care demonstration

"King" new bell Shu Man Group was a blessing beauty, she was invited spokesmen yesterday Zhong Shu Man attended the ceremony, senior class attended the book up the market, the Wilson (Kenny), Li Yi Long (Don), Chow (Mandy).

Conference arrangements singers and the audience skin care demonstration, Kenny model for women at the chicken skin hand duck feet. He is the first skin care for women, not previously done for my girlfriend, skin care, the most in one pair of eyes sting Sweet, has tried to wash his hair. Xinhua smile he has been with his girlfriend hectic Water? He immediately denied not, the hair may not be in addition to the shirt. As for whether his girlfriend tried to help him Bathing? He says he is very conservative, certainly not.

Wilson first skin care for women

Mandy noted sisters Yumiko (Yumiko Cheng) sneaked away, has made her condolences SMS, Yumiko and saying they wanted to thank personally concerned, told her not to worry. Yumiko hear the tone was very calm, she sneaked away no mention of the matter. Yumiko is a holiday, Mandy Send Yumiko originally wanted to visit. But Yumiko come across too many paparazzi downstairs, it did not go to visit the other side.

When asked whether she could have Internet sneaked away to see the footage Yumiko? She said no, so long as the injury is a matter of a friend would do, so the magazine, and will not look at the passages. It means a lot of people have schadenfreude? Mandy said, what has the world that do not have too much mind, the most important thing is to live happily. Joey Yung talked about a "Canada has not affixed to buy milk" and the accusation of schadenfreude? Mandy pillared Jieren, Jieren character not the case. A Do not believe Jieren will schadenfreude, Jieren like to reinforce the message made us forget this matter.

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