Friday, June 08, 2007

[CN/ATV] New Breath of Love 2007

"The New Breath of Love" is a 26 episode series which is currently filming in Shanghai. The series is adapted from Taiwanese author, Wong Man Wah's romantic novel "61 x 57" and speaks about single men and women's love, career, and lifestyles, as well as finding a refreshing space amidst a crowded and often confusing city life. The series stars Raymond Lam, Alex Fong, Tammy Chen Yirong, and An Yixuan.

Raymond plays the bright and cheerful Xu Kai who likes Tammy's character, Lin Jinghui. An Yixuan plays Fan Lisha. Alex plays Huang Mingzheng, who is well established in his career. And former model Jiang Hua plays Cheng Ling.

The screenplay is by female scriptwriter Lam Jinling; the style is refreshing and combines the romantic air of the original novel, while adding more complex elements to the characters and plot.

Tammy's character is a 30 year-old foreign exchange currency trader who meets the handsome and humorous advertising agent, Raymond. Tammy's calm and static life goes on a roller coaster ride after meeting Raymond, who also brings out the cute and feminine side of her. Should Tammy choose Raymond, who causes her to love sweetly but also painfully at the same time? Or should Tammy choose Alex, who has the same steadfast and anchored personality as herself?

Also, Raymond's friend, the sassy An Yixuan, can she really stand all the women that flow in and out of Raymond's life? How would Su Feiya, who is very accommodating to Alex, finally win his heart? The popular Jiang Hua, who is in a relationship with 2 men, will she find true love or will she lose both of them? As the plot thickens, the characters in the series go through many adjustments and fluctuations, pricking your interest in finding out what happens to them!

"The New Breath of Love" is produced by the collaboration of China International Television Company, Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing broadcasting companies. The series also involves Hong Kong directors Cheng Ka Chun and Chung Siu Hung, making this grand production eagerly anticipated.

Cast: Raymond Lam, Alex Fong Chun Shun, Tammy Chen Yi Yong , Anyi Xuan, Jia Wah

Language : Mandarin

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