Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dai Lin Xiong package that has not been riding racer

Photo : Dai Lin Xiong (left) and Hao Chen attended the car show activities

"11110 yards" from six days starting on the 15th in Discovery Park, a major new company car show, held the day before the opening ceremony. New World Development Company Limited, Dr. Cheng Yu Tung, Chairman able to preside, will attend the town famous artists, including Hao Chen. Xiong Dai Lin (Lynn), Chenjiarong, Tongailing and riders Lee Ying-kin, the scene assorted automobile exhibition, Dai Lin Xiong was asked in a yellow Ferraris and Lamborghinis take photographs, initially she was unaware before they know reporters he wanted, But she denied Aaron Kwok is the same car, insisted that he had no run, but only to photograph it.

Lynn revealed plans to take my driver's license, despite having her tall, but a special liking for small cars. refers not to be laughed tests have "Chai Kefu?" But she failed to answer his question : "trying to drive much more shocking. "That package like cars or her more? Lynn thinks for a while said : "You can not ask me such a question, it is very difficult FOR. "Department heads with a few sports car, she may have been riding all? Lynn just said laughingly : "Well put. "

Chenhao buy large luxury flats

Chenhao see Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and Ferrari sports car performance are quite excited, but he said - not save enough money to buy a sports car when As a professional relationship fortune are referring to the artists should not come Porsche sports car, the car because of an "end of the first Da Da" is not the first good intentions. He expressed the hope that the first two years after home buyers can put the rise, I had to hurry and said : "The most critical of men have families, and not, home is yes. "Minds to buy a luxurious house, and he laughed reporter own places to live is a veritable" ho "home? He laughs : "the big luxury houses buying it Matata. "He is starting days back to the mainland film" chairman " Lizi (Jay) and his brother injured exemption to the mainland Bowaijing, Chenhao hope that the early recovery of his brother Jay, SMS has been made before condolences also to her assistant understanding of the situation.

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