Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Das doorway of three days of slavery history Chi-tsung

Japan guided by the strange history of three pools of worship directed fusion of ancient Japan and the United States cowboy elements in the Japanese film "Sukuyaki Western Djan go ", held on the 11th of this month to complete the press conference, the hero Ito several actors wise to attend.

Pillar three pool into the United States

For the whole film in English with three pools expressed the hope to enter the United States. Hollywood and the strange days Slave I. Hundingdalun also took the film so legendary gun God, the same day he also attended mind trick and praising the three pools is the surviving Japanese director most of a great, invited three of his pool under a works occasionally.

Therefore scene came out of the scandal Isetani Friends and refer Kimura is good, as the focus of the media, However, the two silent about scandal, the press has lost hope.

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