Saturday, June 30, 2007

Deletion of the "New Century Gospel soldiers" singing the theme song

Japanese music archive days of the new song "Beautiful World" will become animated film "New Century Gospel soldiers new disaster : sequence, "the theme song songs will be the first with another advertisement song "Kiss & Cry" together recorded in August was among the new song. "New Century" is a famous Japanese science fiction animation, introduced years enduring popularity, has recently released a new version of the film. and the animation creators Hideaki Anno itself is Rosemary fans, this contributed to the cooperation. And the new song will be included Rosemary years ago Reviews of the song "Fly Me to the Moon" a new audio mixers version, the song is called "New Century", the television version of the Panweiqu.

The other hand, Male singers will also DJ Ozma animation "Huren" the film version of the theme song to sing, "Lie - Lie - Lie" He and Rosemary belong to an old friend, and even for the unexpected animation sing the theme song is "shoot to live."

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