Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eric rate of youth services Olympics

Photo : Eric rate group of young people will spend a meaningful summer vacation

Eric yesterday to attend the "McDonald's Summer Fun summer youth ambassador scheme," the opening ceremony and officiate at the ceremony. Age spot with 350 young people, and he will write their own dreams in the papers, the implication to join goal.

Age that will serve as the team leader, led the 11 outstanding young ambassador to Beijing for the Olympic Village, Games for the athletes, coaches and spectators to provide catering services. There will be a three-week stay local, a third time will be used for training and two-thirds of time to visit. He said : "I had to help dig potatoes, however, the General Assembly provided tickets to the appreciation of the Olympic Games. "He also brings his son counterparts? Age she would not, because peer young people have to be before the formal training, such as tractors, the school must wash their hands. Age because the two said they wash their hands long enough time, the instructors were scolded.

Although Age is a great man, but since the middle ranks at home, small have been happy doing housework, what he likes most is the dishes. Now, since fewer home, rarely do housework, because it was too busy, the work pressure is great. He also taught his son to do housework? He said with a laugh : "Drainage could not care less, more than two steps are OK so hot, and only like to join missile guitar. "He is not afraid to address the issue of young people are less capable.

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