Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fiona有心思送「handcream」TeeFiona is sent thoughts "handcream" Tee

Fiona display the name given to the motherland "hand cream," Tee, sex unspeakable

Xuekaiqi (Fiona) yesterday attended "Jam Tee Project" conference, and as designers, personally designed a T-shirt, two, one "hand cream" pictorial, Another is the "personal meditation Trivia" logo, and two T-shirts introduced only limited 300. Fiona respect will be sent to their design life Tee to five important persons, including : Dad, I Ann, Wyman, bar, Rai text, without a scandal of his boyfriend Jaycee Chan.

Moistening hands

Fiona asked why not give the name of the motherland, she said she had chosen these five important figures, not chosen from the motherland. Asked her if she never thought of the name given to the motherland, she said the first design T-shirt, a friend will be sent, for everyone. Referring to laugh even in the bar there, the mother who is not in a position will be very sad? Fiona think sending gifts to a friend, or who do not have to make a good hand, the election may not be sent to the conference. peacetime can be sent, she would choose the hand cream to the design of an ancestral name. Asked whether she hinted ancestors were no hands Aberdeen trailer, their hands less rain? Fiona explained that because the other side is often shells guitar, his hands are "shoes" need hand cream softens it. She also asked how to know the motherland is very hands "shoes"? She said the wind suddenly changed, I do not know, I usually shells guitar will do. ''

Mean to send pictures

In addition to attending the activities, also serves as the designer, Fiona asked whether received good reward? She says frankly do not know how many rewards, can be designed Tee noted, feel very happy. Her usual generous, except for painting the painting personally very stingy and not send their pictures to others, she kept a lot of work, nor to somebody else, but this T-shirt design colleagues can share. When asked whether she would be personally draw gave important for the set conditions chop? She feels that this is not, of course, the important thing will be if sent. She also would like to launch their own design clothes, said with a smile afraid that others do not wish to live out her name Street, its design costumes do not want such a direct call Fiona.

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