Monday, June 11, 2007

Fu Ying denied OK sexy line Wu Yu Fei instructed familiarity limit

Photo : Wu Yu Fei (left) and the more recent rumors Fu Ying, I do not know - worried?

Fu Ying recently in which bloggers on the disclosure of a wave la photos of the suspected transfers out sexy line, which she denied.

She said the photos are forthcoming book of a photograph, and summer wear vests normal. never thought sexy photographs or wrong, they did not expect to become the focus of others. She claimed in addition to interpret songs need little sexy, weekday trip will not sexy line, as she only 22 years old, not suitable for sexy. In response to reports that her body is the microwave, she has always been self-do not build a selling point, Moreover, he is of good or not that different people have different criteria, she is easy easy thin fertilizer, manure when it might have been saying that the breasts. it would be ignored. She jokes that if the anti-microwave ovens or electrical spokesmen, do they fear?

Wu Yu Fei recently summoned birthday parties, get drunk, even Denglixin big explosion was also kiss her mouth; For repeatedly taken Intoxication, Wu Yu Fei : "not so ah, my birthday - I Chaiwuche Denglixin mouth, haha. (Whether CFS limit?) Cork is the manager of a high order, said the 21-year-old girl to understand the drinking 1:00. I do not like it, because the reception so hoarseness, but only with the birthday of everyone playing a night. "She also disclosed receipt of gifts including a friend of mine donated more than 6,000 yuan value, limited sale of cell phone; asked whether the pursuit? She denied that said : "ordinary friends, but I do not know when it is received so precious. "

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