Monday, June 11, 2007

大塚愛為堀北新劇唱主題曲Grave Horikita love to sing the theme song of new productions

Female singer large mound of love will really Horikita Greek starring July new productions "In the Mood for teenage girls" singing the theme song "Peach" This is the largest mass graves love to sing fifth series theme song. Horikita drama on the women play high school To pursue their appearance (small mid-decorated Li) and mixed-sex schools disguised as a man, There 467000, St. drama-play principals, is full gimmicks. Grave Guardian said that the new song full of summer air, and the youth are well suited to the campus drama.

In addition, Horikita with sunken graves Jun--starred film "Love Sunday", the opening ceremony was held last Saturday, Also attending the two protagonists. Horikita play in the new one suffering from cancer, only three months left in the lives of girls. She said the film with the theme of death, she was the joy of survival. And the sunken graves CSL involved in the recall shooting, then said with a smile to get up at 3:00, so I often feel very eyes delegates.

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