Friday, June 08, 2007

He is proud of abuse Sheng Wang Xin pot belly Buttocks

Photo : Pageant swimsuit-employed, and thus is of good or bad

16 candidates Beauty Pageant in Beijing yesterday day spa home MV shooting swimsuits, and so invited guests breathtaking. Public Pageant swimsuit in 3:00 under build-scares, although most of fat called average, but there are also flawed. as a large hot? Although Mr proud faces of children Peugeot, but broad shoulders and buttocks and arm Sheng rough, Sheng buttocks with the other also? Cheng Hui-chen, she was also a reason for getting slim flat as a mirror, as well as the sternum and Prat have protruding bone. As for? Wang Xin is like the pot three months pregnant,? Zhou Yan America can be said is of the most desirable, but there is not enough fullness Wai, Wai and on the most corpulent yes? Li Jie Ying, it is estimated that there should be 34 C or D.

Skirt cover

May not be used in front of them bare-chested, before shooting Pageant were all dressed in a towel, but firmly grasp that these towels will fall down. He is proud of abuse and is the only one in swim trunks under her skirt for a more exposed, it is unclear whether she obstruct Sheng buttocks, she said : "Clothing division may feel that this style is right for me! (Seize the towel you die, whether good nervous?) No, only rarely wear their usual three-point, Shi Chunsheng added to the road trip themselves somewhat natural, but feel that their performance OK, (find which part of the body to improve?) their teeth white enough Hello! Meanwhile some baby fat, the other is average. (May feel? Rob the mirror?) I appreciate myself appreciate each other, sometimes to look at the overall build is not big is beautiful, (available to consult her breasts secret?) I am not keen to have breasts, but God is fair, nobody can be perfect, So even if there is not satisfied with the points I will accept that (you mean? not perfect?) No, I did not mean that. hope that we will not persistent certain part not perfect. 」"

Taekwondo school

As for Li Jie Ying is not only rich but also on Wai very solid muscle, she explained that usually have tai chi and taekwondo. She said yesterday's big steal, may feel that other Pageant of her with a strange look? She said : "No, we usually have mutual praise, there is no jealousy. (After today whether confidence increased?) No, we all have our own good and did not even own outstanding. "As for? Wang Xin pointed their belly muscles just speculating because usually will do more exercise, Cox asked her to be? Instructions? She said each of them has a pretty, but everyone is of very average, more about her? Exercise together. Zhou Yan think that the United States is of the parents give, and it would not envy Lijieying.

In addition, the Gala will be the Pageant taekwondo and wushu yesterday, the first time he see Pageant, feeling good quality, it? Huangpanxin like Mr Chan, and in which? Huang Chung-Yan Jia-Xin is like a bell, each pleasing to the eye, then build? He said everybody on average, Big is not necessarily good.

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