Monday, June 04, 2007

Huang hair Wireless signed three and a half years

yellow hair (left) and the growing popularity of Mr Chang

"Hong Kong," Mr Chang, yellow hair and Le Jian Zheng yesterday in conjunction with the Miss Chen Yan Mei and artists, Tang Yong, Shen Zhuoying. as "Mr. election" campaign for the appeal during the "President" show more of their own nirvana commands. Wong brothers and the most popular.

Activities, yellow hair was Miss flowers, and the master of ceremonies, but Kang Cai forcibly remove his shirt clasp, which publicly dew point, But afterwards he said with a smile does not mind, and acknowledged recently fit their busy parade. By the magazine refers to his muscles not firm, and he would like to speak more fit, which has been in operation four semi-muscular. compared with the last election only two more fit. He told the "wireless" signed a contract for three and a half years, most recently involved in filming "pro-third of colleagues," there are efforts to learn Cantonese, We want to gradually can speak good Cantonese, he feels Boju is a lot of fun.

Tang Yong ducking Cuijianbang

Tang Yong Shen Zhuoying two with this matter, yesterday's spot Zheng Jian Yue and PENG period kneel down flowers. Shi Yong said with a smile have never been heterosexual kneel down to her flowers, tried only when a 18-year-old boyfriend, first love flowers, But when she scolded fear of the family, the flowers have not lost back home. As a former boyfriend Cuijianbang may have to send her? She avoided : "do not remember. (Rumor has it that you composites, 2003? ) Actually, we have been good friends and not drag the hands Street. "She stressed temporarily to work as the most important thing, no company has not raised her feelings matter.

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