Friday, June 08, 2007

Jaycee Chan plays Jackie Chan upper flap

Photo : Sichuan he said Ting Feng tin tin well damp

"Boyish" Nicholas Tse, and Shawn Yu Fang Jieming, showing a man of character and justice Yong killing an irreversible momentum They are true body position, the interpretation of various levels of acrobatic action scenes. Earlier, at a press conference broadcast footage of three minutes, Tingfeng dives hit by the bus and fell from the 20th floor of the two plays. It has left a deep impression, called Jackie Chan upper body. As another actor Fangjieming Tablets peacetime, gentle and often said he "do not know how to fight," he This is also strong passion to reach the meat, forcing the hike, more like 10 full brother Jackie Chan.

Earlier shooting film posters, but he has three actor-Put down your photographs, out of the dirtier the makeup, wear ragged clothes. demonstrated experience associated with World War rough side. But the most interesting is that the ancestors of each name your pictures seem adequate Chan, the presence of Shawn Yu see, must join in the merriment began to play big brother to Jackie Chan.

Sichuan jokes Tingfeng good damp

Father's Day is around the corner, Chor yesterday radio program to talk about Father's Day gifts, Ting Feng said he had delivered a world of only 60 limited edition lighters to him, and 20 worth tens of thousands, more diamond shape. However, he still has not used, because they are afraid that they will be dropped. He laughs again refers to a conspiracy Tingfeng, because it after his death, can now get back lighters.

Sichuan birthday last year, saying Tingfeng among more than 10 million estate to him. He originally said in the past to the millions of open-top Rolls Royce, but expect to drive the final Cars, is not the living house, better than to send house. Son, he did not expect this sentence remember, and he laughed he refers Tingfeng tin tin well damp. Ting Feng will be gifts to the Rafah No? Sichuan said with a laugh : "not made the essential expenditures! Regardless of Rafah lot of money, I do not know why she Easy money. "

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