Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jizai refused under the hot strip jacket impolite

Photo : Leo Ku (right), Nancy Sit, Hong Wu Tao, and Soler Linjiaxin attend reunion activities

Security forces discipline and eight co-organized "disciplinary forces to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region display," yesterday at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Piazza, a group of singers including Linjiaxin, Leo Ku, Soler, Jade Kwan, Lin Hu, ZHENG Rong, Sun and Boy'z Hongzhuo and others invited to participate in performances, As at fair-weather hot again, so has the Heat intolerance Jizai sweating, but he refuses to take off his suit jacket, said with a smile, not in the face of "visibility points" until the weather suddenly deteriorated, under a heavy rain, the performance results have been interrupted, Fortunately, the show finally can be carried out smoothly.

Customs want to crack down on piracy

Jizai fortunate to participate in this show, and said that they had thought about sitting disciplined forces, but he is poor physical fitness, He cries when disciplined forces, now most want to be Jizai Customs, hoping to combat piracy. Before he was paparazzi tracking, traffic police Mark Lucky, he may escape. As for Jia-Xin, said guests do, and I feel very nervous to face disciplinary forces minister Jia-Xin would very much like to try to wear a dress disciplined filming the taste! Soler company with the manager there is a dispute, has been frozen, no access to his work. Soler has said an injunction against the application will not allow the former manager of the company then they stop working. Soler dissatisfaction that the manager before the company kept sending letters to public relations firms that they did not lift contract Therefore, they are not allowed access to any work so that they lose a lot of job opportunities, income seriously affected. Therefore, they would need to try to solve the problem.

Sun Boy'z rain dance

During the sudden downpour, resulting in the scene unless slide, but Sun is still in power Boy'z began to sing. Among William jump once misunderstanding rejection pants button and the system is too lax belts only attracted the wrong impression. Sun originally Boy'z sing new songs soon "about", as songs beating somersault forward and backward steps, To avoid wet weather will dip, it changed to another fast song "advantage." William original dance two years ago to jump Thunderbolt sciatic nerve broken, Mummy ordered not fear, But he did not listen, and be careful to do gym training back muscles.

Hongzhuo up examination revealed a friend firemen, but he was so poor physical fitness is not competent. Fair complexion of the friends he once mistakenly thought to be comrades, he said he is not "broken back" But do not mind them with friends. In addition ZHENG Rong airport clearance to do testing dogs, the officers put a packet of drugs on her, She clearance to play as if nothing had happened, and that dogs can stand next to her, she was also awarded the final printed flying and dogs jumping look like flash cards.

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