Monday, June 04, 2007

Kitano Takeshi - I-rival to the new movie

Kitano Takeshi's new movie "Long live the directors! "I Kwong Chung's" Japanese ", in Japan on the 2nd official release, as a joke with two of the artists, the first director of the fighting arms.

They were attending the premiere of the new movie, Kitano Takeshi again in the Cannes, "The Fool Your Highness" shape the playing field, He first shared their works, said : "Today the audience may read makes backwater, But after 20 years would certainly think that this work was very powerful. "In his" Introduction "to make film violence no longer shoot film of the Declaration, he has said he would like the picture again fighting and war movies It seems the audience will still have the opportunity to see his violent films.

In addition, Matsumoto in the premiere audience with an unannounced, Xiaowei like urine, and would like to leave as soon as possible. It was reported recently that Matsumoto own firm Yoshimoto Kogyo mad handing out free tickets to Matsumoto concoct, he said with a smile : "thanks to a free vote, so people can look at. "But the first day of the film at the box office is nearly 100 million yen (about 6.5 million Hong Kong dollars), Matsumoto also directed the first time can be said to produce the results.

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