Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lao visit Jizai stepdaughter / Hui-Min Zhou : the same

Photo : Huimin stepdaughter with a painting to Jizai

Hui-Min Zhou seven to 10 last month, in conjunction with World Vision Hong Kong and the crew went to Laos, visits to local children and the poor understanding of Vision development projects and the way to visit friends in the local Leo Ku help support her daughter Jia (Khamuk).

Most seem to smile

Hui-Min Zhou Yu's departure saw Jizai help support her daughter Jia photographs, has been working with the staff said Jia smiling and nose with Jizai very similar. When Hui-Min Zhou saw Aged nine, Jia, could not help but smile into the camera : "Jizi, you seem like you have a female ah, Special-funny? RUF pm. Air scare you, exactly? ! "Jia also personally painting a painting as a gift to Leo Ku, Hui-Min Zhou transferred to him.

When Leo Ku received from the hands of Hui-Min Zhou help support her daughter's gift, very excited : "I feel very happy! Jia help in custody, she has witnessed the growth itself is a very exciting thing, She can help with their families and out of the woods, self-reliance, it makes me more of a sense of satisfaction. "Hui-Min Zhou also sacrificed love, to join immediately" help the child support program ", as three local children's" mother. "


Return, Leo Ku Hui-Min Zhou cooperation with the chair and "help the poor break the shackles of custody" share with the audience during this visit to Laos for the first time. Zhou more recommendations and Leo Ku Joining together in the future to the poor in developing countries to visit children, Leo Ku immediately agreed, This is said with a smile and "seats" brigade.

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