Saturday, June 02, 2007

Li Yundi symphonic dream

Li Yundi greatly welcomes fans

People have just become the Prince of Piano Li Yundi went to Germany to attend the three-day premiere concert This is Maestro Seiji Ozawa at the invitation of the world, and the first Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, scene tape and CD, be the first to cooperate with the Berlin Philharmonic recordings of Chinese pianist. It is learned that the three performances will not only tickets sold out long ago, and specifically set up on stage herself. Day of performance, the Berlin Philharmonic Hall seats more than 2,000 fans, no two Squares 1:00.

Japanese TV dramas like characters

Rely on our own strength, perseverance and dreams of a young achievers from their country to the world stage. The real world Li Yundi. TVB will be shown with the high ratings of Japanese TV drama series "Symphonic Valentine's Dream" youth who played piano and conductor of the jade-wood, experience is somewhat similar, with a chance like that was the world's top Maestro favor. get more different opportunities.

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