Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lin Feng marry an excellent swimmer

Lin Feng trailer qing firms show feeling tense

Lin Feng and qing wedding recently as spokesmen for the company yesterday, and ready to bridal show, has performed more than bridal and tuxedo, but when Lin Feng firms show some harshness, even do not know how to look at the camera, He explained that after the tension caused.

Impulsive marriage

However, Lin Feng original study at university, has long tried to make friends in the modeling wedding licenses, he smiled : "In the past when using film cameras, So to put a Fushi long before shooting with digital cameras now on is more convenient. (If this spokesmen could accelerate your intention to get married? ) I always want to go on dates, Especially in the recent years and see Hacken Lee Wen-Lung Lin were married, and so on, so I wanted to get married impulse. "

Underwater wedding

Lin Feng hope that the future will be held underwater wedding, the future wife must know how to swim. It could be to make the wedding as foreign? He sold advertisements that : "really thought about before, but this time to shoot the wedding as the Louvre, they have many prospects, one day like to shoot a lot of places, so there is no need to go out shooting. (The future, you may be secretly married? ) Will not and I hope that the family of a big celebration, it should be two habit. In addition to our friends and family entertained, but also their hometowns habit. "

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