Thursday, June 07, 2007

Linxiaopei killed in a drive drunk female nurses

Photo : Linxiaopei apologize to the families of the dead (online Photo)

Taiwan female singer Linxiaopei yesterday morning for drink-driving, in Taipei motorcycle collided with the female nurses to work Shu-Chuan Lin, Lin sent to the hospital by the woman died; Linxiaopei measured by the Police, liquor, wine measured as high as 1.1 ml. Police inquiry, according to public danger and death from blame fault of the transfer of the prosecution investigation. Case Prosecutor Minute appear to NT ordered to be released on bail pending further 100,000 yuan Chuan.

Apologize to the deceased

Linxiaopei left the district attorney at the Taipei, it would not stop, said : "I am sorry, very sorry! "Went to the deceased's Sungshan Hospital burn incense, Shu-Chuan Lin family to apologize. Police investigations, the deceased lived within the Lakes Region Charitable 59 Avenue Road, is the same with Linxiaopei Avenue neighbors, Linxiaopei transferred from the police station from the police station, accompanied by a manager riding on a police vehicle, she cried swollen eyes, not a language. Linxiaopei said to the police last night, she and a friend of Taipei City's Hsinyi Rd, Fuhsing South Road, a pub dance. Rave all night drinking until the early hours of the morning and return to the Pan friends to the lake within the Department, due to get nervous, They also planned to drive the recovery of South Liangmian eat, 5:30 Hsu via Nanking East 7E15, Dongxing intersection, Hitting the same direction Shu-Chuan Lin. Lin women leaving behind an eight-year-old child, her family learned the news grief-stricken.

Like drinks

Linxiaopei familiar with the friends knew that she was outgoing personality, likes to drink it on, but I never thought that because of drink driving Zhaoxing killed people, and friends from learning the news, has begun to think how to help her better. "Annoying", "Echocardiography" fame Linxiaopei the last one or two years performing career stalled. in the absence of managers and record companies care, she performed only occasionally, rarely in the foreground fluorescence exposure. According to informed her in the last few years to learn to do business. The legal profession, Linxiaopei drunk driving killed most people be liable to two years imprisonment, has also spawned civil compensation, including funeral expenses, dependent relatives until retirement from the work of such costs, the amount is enormous.

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