Monday, June 04, 2007

Makung resist sexual angry Hua ridden 1000

Makung prevent sexual Hua ridden 1000

Miriam Yeung, Eason Chan (Eason) and Mr Cui Ying earlier shooting "Whenever changes", these scenes until 1000 Hua Racecourse shooting a horse pleasing, the plot on her in the movie to get to know the rich boyfriend Hao-Ren Huang, playing a high-person games. Unfortunately shooting day, the original arrangements for the 1000 Hua riding has Makung "Sichun" dead, refused to leave the stables, Isolation is a horse woman. Staff painstakingly Makung pulled before the horse, but when they get angry Makung dead, refused to 1000 Hua riding. Hua a 1000 horse-riding clothes, their translucent convex body floating fully exposed, like the British aristocracy school girl. Unfortunately 1000 Hua Ma fears the woman sniffed, 1000 Hua said with a smile : "No better than, Valentine's eyes Leo Ma, Ma Ma Matata certainly like to join. "Said the scene chef is also horses, because horses do not know how to feel Hua 1000 horse-riding, it does not want to let her ride. 1000 Hua how the day is not on a horse, she can only change made from horse beside the elegant environment.

Eason take care of women first-hand experts

In addition, the 1000 Hua, Eason and Mr Cui Ying at Fanling "wealth fair" market shooting another drama, The story is about a group of Friends of poverty stall in the market playing table tennis. And the actors do not have to be seated, in addition to table tennis and have a good time, but also with the markets of commodities entertainment, For example, a watermelon radish and bowing to fight, kick-off 1000 Hua each have launched offensives laughing, with the "Shura bow" Yu yelled the kick-off the same stunt, so that Eason and Mr Cui Ying, among others, is not her opponent, 1000 Hua consequently has been called "the rich fair Shura bow" of the title. Furthermore, Eason on the play a grandson, as his father had, so they are children with very proficient, the program more often tease little girls play. One of the scenes in the opera actor public Fresh cakes, and stresses the cakes have been run.

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