Monday, June 11, 2007

Multi surgeon Dai Lin Xiong shooting Wedding Photography

Photo : wear wedding photographs, the Dai Lin Xiong

Xiong Dai Lin (Lynn) earlier marriage to a new magazine "J's Wedding" Wedding Photography shooting, A total of the day took eight hours, six classification of wear wedding, a dozen different forms of shooting, including retirement, and other ancients. Donald Chiu and photographer for the job series, shooting photographs, the photographer's background also many Michelle Yeoh has, Mui, Zhou Min Qi, and other than shooting photos, Maggie Q is the Queen's photographer.

Luxurious wedding troupe lowered

Donald had prior to the original Zhou Min Qi book for wedding filming permits, and this is the second time the modeling shoot Wedding Photography, Xiong is the first and Dailin cooperation. Our expectations, the first time the two cooperate, they created a lot of jokes. What happened in peacetime practices of the wedding show, Lynn, this right can wear different styles of wedding dresses, very happy, coupled with a wedding is a special trip from the European air arrivals, she also very fond of, But he did not expect Donald took only a few have been completed, she could not bear to read in addition to, also complain that the high efficiency of the photographer.

For their often invited to the wedding as modeling, Lynn said, or their smile, I feel happy person. The bride because it is a good happiness. Turning dream wedding, she indicated that no resplendent, as long as Showiness relatives and the parties have to congratulate is adequate.

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