Monday, June 11, 2007

Officer Thomas Concerts friends cheer

Photo : Officer Thomas attended, and with music fans

Officer Thomas (Ella) yesterday to attend the Flower Metro held a "top figures Qianchanghui", as Father's Day is approaching, Ella more impromptu camp to the general public as a tie for Father's Day gifts, and he appealed for fans to love scene. Ella recent busy theatrical "A Dream of Red Mansions" rehearsals, she said later invited the parents to cheer. She did not deny the presence of a parent, the pressure is particularly great, and she had heard that the person show of Portland will Luo Guanzong to cheer, and I feel particularly tense. She also asked who had requested to cheer? Ella said mostly behind the scenes, or would ask Over the same period, Chen Yuan Qi, Deng Ying Zhi and Wu were to appreciate, She noted that some of my friends who are good that it will fly fans to buy their own. She also shifts, spent more than 5,000 yuan to buy a friend to fly to watch.

No time to look at new productions Zhuo Wu Xi

Asked her to call Zhuo Wu Xi to appreciate? Ella cut immediately noodle Treasury said : "nothing new! We have never known interest in La! "She has asked Zhuo Wu Xi who appreciate the new productions starring" Recruit a more "? She noted that the recent busy day and night rehearsals theater, we did not have time to watch television, even back to come across, will immediately go to bed and sleep. She also said that if he had had the time to read, but it was too much.

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