Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Permian gets Lei Lei's "hero," Kiss

When he gets it is sugarcoated Lane devil?

Lisa (sister), Mr Hand, Bosco Wong (Bosco), Xiu-Hui Yang, Shu-Ming Hsu Hsu Shao-and, Fashion for the last version of "My Grandmother 2007 barbaric" trial modeling, But scandal lovers shaft and Bosco no even exchange, pointing even said they would rather open with Xiu-Hui Yang Chuan scandal. During Hsu Shao-on role, the self-explosion will merely "Lei Lei stack" performance, it often recently about Ars Technica? Bone, to ask how he gets kiss.

School Hand

This story in a fashion design company background, gets more training should be pointing a taste of the people, Although the company has prepared meals for many Jingshan, but somehow have mobilized private partnership. Story accused Western films like "wearing Parda the devil," Elder said it seems only background. As with Hsu Shao-the "Lei Lei stack" in the performance, she said it was only a mouth dramas. Elder added to the pressure on themselves not just want to have different performances, the first look at the script feel good fast dialogue, Some may wish costume version, she immediately comment, I hope to adjust slowly. Cox asked her Bosco unfamiliar with the shaft? She said did not notice it, others did not care about the air.

Similar to Western films

As for pointing this story also feel that there are a few similar films from the West, but because different people perform, it is not afraid accused of plagiarism She went on to say that this is necessarily expect, it is pressure. As for cooperation with Bosco whether more understanding? She denies that : "We are no longer cooperate, and we have to re-establish a tacit understanding. (Bosco has intimate theater) is not known, (with the Bosco shoot kissing game if the feeling different?) no special is not his. "She also said that she worried about boring the audience, if Chuan Chuan hope that the second scandal, but she is on the supremacy of the work.

Zongze specificity

Bosco sick yesterday modeling, in a play for his feelings and has Xiu-Hui Yang Shu-Ming Hsu intervention, but the final election are pointing. He smiled asked whether in real life are consistent? He certainly answered : "yes", and only after I make a mistake, immediately clarify smiled : "I was speaking the plot. (ERB cooperation really very memorable?) Think the audience is OK before continuing. (Hand be more understanding?) has been a tacit understanding, there is always cooperation! "Hand prefer Xiu-Hui Yang Chuan-sex scandal, seems to want to protect him, and he smiled :" Guarding friends gel! (Guarding boyfriend?) Is for a friend, (your sister up, pointing also protect you, 2003?) A good friend who, They are both good friends. "

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