Sunday, June 17, 2007

Return to the gift of nostalgia films command / Tian Li

Illustration : "The Story of the old port," or even a nostalgic feel

Hong Kong's reunification with the motherland decades, it has been conducting reunification celebration, with the return of nearly a decade, or the three films will, including "Woman character", "Hong Kong Story" and "Every time when changes."

"Woman character" * Ms Julia Leung is the novel "Heart-tao" adaptation, Chun Chun director, basically tailor-made for decades the return of Hong Kong to economic ups and downs conclusion, not out of financial fiction character.

Samson Chiu director of the "old Hong Kong Story" is not regarded as a decade returning films. because its content is about 40 years to come to Hong Kong a grass-roots (or destitute) family life. The original name of the film "The Story of the old Left", as the name implies, some "leftist" patriotic personages in the story. believe that the 50-year-old audiences around there will be resonance.

Anthony Wong played a rooftop squatters living in the screening of the film, his wife Maoshunjun yes, Ronald Cheng for their son. is a father singing with UNIFEM, the father became "disaffection" of the portfolio. Directors shoot six of the last century, the people of the 1970s and pure spirit of mutual help and protection, the actor is incompetent, than before the "cock" more positive meaning.

Border fly in the ointment is decorated to the left is the desire to visit Beijing's Tiananmen Square, but 40 years is not reached. The design right now is really incredible audience, not easily accepted. As for the movie Ronald Cheng often complain that his father sent him to school children of workers, nowhere (to that effect), more jokes than the fire, notes many of the school's students have become social gathering. To put Zheng's funniest role into a "riding it strange," anti-people do not see the director of the arguments and the old way.

Luoyongchang directed "whenever changes occur when" is a 27-year-old woman transition to the 37-year-old story Therefore, the reunification 10 years is exactly what the whole film leaps decades, not deliberately return and shoot the film. 10 years, what is happening in Hong Kong such as bakeries, "runs", the millennium bug scam "SARS" is the easy way out to be "whenever changes occur in the" background.

Miriam Yeung on the direction of a change in the film playing in the market unwilling to life of women fishmongers. Eason Chan is like her "sell fish guys", but Young is 30-year-old married before leaving the market, She would never like the person who is selling. She is a rotten gambling and "Merry" the father daily to earn a living, we need to pay off debts and "custody" to his father. If pessimistic about life in this family may not have ideals, but Young is still sake hope wishful thinking (about it in her story called A Wonderful) out of the market, plan their own future. But A Wonderful to have every opportunity to have missed out arm, was tortured to death fate.

Miriam Yeung performances with the previous film, is a new attempt, Eason Chan was her best speech live street people. The whole film is full of nostalgic feeling, whenever changes occur in the Untied time to time.

It is worth mentioning that "The Story of the old port," Border "Humph," "asked me" (1970s era song) and "whenever changes occur when" the theme song often broadcast show that two directors of the past miss personnel and value.

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