Friday, June 22, 2007

She became active embarrassing A

Photo : A brother Dazhu She Still, the two do not nature

Charmaine yesterday attended as spokesmen for "medical examination" respected membership conference, The guests also Miaojiaowei (brother), Chen Jia Yong, Wang and Jia Wu Yi Xing Long, They also receive 100,000 yuan will be a Black Card.

He has a wife

A She and brother because Paiju and Chuan scandal, the big picture when filming A SHE some initial natural, Instead, take the initiative became her sexy : "You should not say I do not like her kids! "A She subsequently denied that he embarrassed, and said that brother has a wife, do not want to have sex scandal. So yesterday's brother invited to attend activities help her rope? A presenter She denied doing, saying and brother is not the scandal, but a joke. A She also said that she will do itself an annual body check also hope that the membership will benefit the family.

A misunderstanding

As for the scandal became Speaking at the imperturbable expression, she explains : "She is the original A friend also call became』, So this caused misunderstanding. In fact, I will send my wife, and certainly not to send other women. "Elder laments for the weekly story does not matter, the most important entertainment, but so selfish reported on the poor. She exposed to A, he had never done body check, the brother admitted : "I have been to evade a medical examination, is that it will test to the ills, but now understand that the important health and health will be reduced to smoking. "In addition, to disclose their Chenjiarong years ago found that chocolate tumor surgery early tumors Fortunately, Since then she also realized the importance of health.

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