Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shu-Ming Hsu rely on the personal computer

Photo : Shu-Ming Hsu (2) unwilling to talk about her boyfriend

Shu-Ming Hsu (Suki) yesterday invited to attend a press conference of computer products, she said that they have bought notebook computers, But in the end the occupation by the sister. She previously studied in Britain, particularly in computer fitted with a video camera, convenient and met her boyfriend, can save the expensive long-distance telephone charges.

Suki busy with the recent shooting of a "wireless" new productions of "tough-talking people mind" and "the brutal 2007 Grandma" so busy that she has with her boyfriend met via video camera? Brought her boyfriend, she was very evasive, and only said that her boyfriend had played before, but now they have with foreign friends to play. Asked her reluctant to talk about her boyfriend, whether emotional problems? She said they only want to work, concentrate on work. But she does not even mention her boyfriend, not afraid of her boyfriend mind? She smiled refers own would not mind. Turning to this year's winners, she Liangjiaxin most impressive, as the most eloquent playing each other. As a proud abuse has been called a "big load" and orange peel stripes, Suki think we should not simply look at the physique, , as she ran for only 10 in his teens, had then been called a Baby Fat, a few years would not have. She feels that many people have hesperidin profile.

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